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Trail Botanica develops eco-friendly, plant-based, and zero waste skincare products that support outdoor access and exposure for a diverse community.

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soap collage all styles


We balance our cultural and environment goals throughout the supply and demand chain, with profitability to meet the Trail Botanica definition of sustainable. Balancing these priorities can be referred to as a Triple BottomĀ  Line (People, Planet AND Profit). We are committed to eco-friendly packaging and ingredients, transparency in labeling and Good Manufacturing Practices in a professional production studio. Plastic-free packaging, regular stewardship in public parks and local connectivity with brick and mortar retailers extend the reach with community.

deo all levels of care
deo all levels of care

Eryn Hughes founded the business as Apothecary Muse in 2013 (rebranded to Trail Botanica LLC in 2022), and continues as the owner and operator, handcrafting all products with care, science and functionality. Having received a Bachelor of Arts from UC Berkeley, with Fine Art and Political Philosophy majors; and living and working in cooperatives shaped Eryn’s values which would become part of the business plan for Trail Botanica. Continuing education in cycling coaching, exercise science, sports nutrition, outdoor advocacy, wilderness medicine, herbalism, and botanical arts culminate in a very unique product development structure intended to shift perspective and spark conversation about the environment. In 2023, Eryn was a 2-time scholarship recipient for the Soap Guild Conference in addition to an Artist Residency at Touchstone Center for Craft.

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