Hand Crafted


Trail Botanica has the goal is to provide eco-friendly, vegan and zero waste skincare products that support outdoor recreation throughout the seasons.

soap styles portrait
soap styles portrait



The term ”Sustainable’ is often misused so that its original definition may seem obscure.  In truth, sustainability impacts our environment, people in the supply and demand chain, and longevity of a purposeful business.  Balancing these priorities is known as a Triple Bottom Line (People, Planet AND Profit).  These values are interwoven within every step of our production from manufacturing to delivery of goods: using quality materials, transparency in labeling and Good Manufacturing Practices in our professional production studio. Plastic-free packaging, regular stewardship in public parks and cooperative profit margins for brick and mortar small businesses are ways that we support the environment and community.


Eryn Hughes is the head soapmaker/owner of Trail Botanica, lifelong cyclist and advocate for social justice. Previous professional and academic personas include mountain bike coach, sports nutritionist, outdoor retail manager, sound engineer, DJ and fine artist.  Needless to say, the path to soapmaking touched on filling gaps in the needs going back as far as 1999 and evolving into a business which became official on November 29, 2013.  “Muse” is the philosophy which has continued through the music, cycling and into soapmaking stages, suggesting one who is always ready to learn will have always have room to grow. We are happy to make the leap by rebranding to Trail Botanica in 2022.