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Trail Botanica has the goal is to provide eco-friendly, vegan and zero waste skincare products that support outdoor recreation throughout the seasons.

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soap collage all styles


The term ”Sustainable’ is often misused and its original definition can seem obscured. Sustainability  genuinely impacts our environmental ecosystem, people throughout the supply and demand chain, and financial longevity for access to resources.  Balancing these priorities can be referred to as a Triple Bottom  Line (People, Planet AND Profit).  These values are interwoven throughout each step of Trail Botanica’s production from  sourcing materials to delivery of goods. We are committed to eco-friendly packaging and ingredients, transparency in labeling and Good Manufacturing Practices in our professional production studio. Plastic-free packaging, regular stewardship in public parks and cooperative profit margins for brick and mortar retailers extend the reach with community.

deo all levels of care
deo all levels of care

Eryn Hughes is the owner and operator of Trail Botanica, lifelong cyclist and advocate for social justice. Influences towards the adventure skincare path include professional work in athletic sports, exercise science, sports nutrition, outdoor advocacy, music, herbalism, and botanical artwork.  The product development path began in 1999 and evolved into a licensed business on November 29, 2013.  The manufacturing facility is a  600SF commercial studio in an historic East Liberty office building not open to the public. Lastly, while you may read “we” and “us” this refers to the teamwork behind the triple bottom line; however, Trail Botanica is a single-member, woman-owned LLC based in Pittsburgh, PA. Eryn makes all skincare formulations by hand, with attentive care.

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