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This is a challenging time to be a small business owner. While soap is technically essential (and there’s still a handful of styles available to ship), I completely understand that the particular designs and ingredients I embrace for sustainable justification are becoming less accessible financially to many people, and that just doesn’t sit well with my triple bottom line. 10 years of business doesn’t matter if there are more important things to address. I am not planning to resume manufacturing at the volume I had previously procured for hundreds of independent stores around the country.

Earth Day Celebration

Earth day fundraiser event 2023

We’re hosting in-person sales of Trail Botanica products to raise funds for Trail Pittsburgh Frick Stewardship: Saturday, April 22, 2023 from 2-6pm

Trail Botanica will have a selection of our adventure skincare items and botanical prints for purchase.

Portion of proceeds from Trail Botanica sales will go to seeds, and mulching supplies for Frick Park restoration project.

Field Trip: Kinzua Reflections

tree bricks allegheny reservoir lost tribe trees

This past weekend included a field trip. With another birthday coming up way too quickly, I wanted to slow down and reflect on how I can make more everyday connections with the land. The area around Kinzua (KEN-zoo-uh) dam is riddled with controversy.  Namely, a treaty was violated in the 1960s to flood the LAST piece […]

Accountabilities of Scale

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A sustainable take on economies of scale, and the new normal with wholesale. -Eryn Hughes, Owner of Trail Botanica LLC We don’t often see small businesses leaping the hurdle from side hustle to millionaire. We also don’t see a lot of folks flipping their business in front of investors on Shark Tank. So, what exactly […]

How a BOYCOTT is Sustainable

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As Earth Day approaches and my plans to participate somehow unfold, I learn that the theme is “Invest In Our Planet”, and I have some thoughts about this statement.  It sounds like it’s about money, but I believe there are other valid ways to invest.  For one, no one should need to have money for […]

Blazing a new trail with Trail Botanica.

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Relaunching in 2022! Popular products (same SKUs and barcodes) Vegan/Plant-based Sustainable/organic sourcing raw materials. Zero waste packaging Prices (updated 9/30) General label aesthetic. Voluntary batch record-keeping and GMP/FDA compliance. Online and wholesale distribution channels. No house brand (Trail Botanica) brick & mortar storefront. Manufacturing and labeling in 15206 since 2013 Owned, operated and made by […]