Holiday Shipping Deadlines

holiday shipping deadlines 2021

No matter if you choose to celebrate a tradition or not, you may in fact, want some handmade soap, plastic free deodorant, or other adventure skincare products for this winter’s season.  Because of our rebranding schedule being so close to the holidays, we will be processing and shipping orders through midnight December 15th for USPS […]

Rebranding in 2022

soap designs 2021

Just a heads-up (TL;DR): Things will look a little different on our product packaging and our online presence in the near future.
We’re rebranding to TRAIL BOTANICA !!
Only our name and logo will be changing. Please keep following us – no changes needed – and don’t be a stranger!

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Ethical Pricing is a Triple Bottom Line

Logic: we need to establish parameters for sustainable success for the environment, community and our businesses.  Pricing is complicated, and incoming and outgoing costs may vary, requiring constant research.  Cultural negligence is an opportunity loss for all of us.  If after reading this, it also resonates with you, I want to know you exist.  If […]

Choice is Freedom

This isn’t a sale pitch. It’s more like a public record of why I do what I do. This may change over time and most certainly will be perceived differently by others, but I have always felt the need to anchor my personal values somehow in my work to create meaningfulness. Rules and boundaries have […]

Planting your soap labels!

Spring is a good time to plant the Apothecary Muse soap wrappers you’ve been saving. You might have noticed the note: “WRAPPED IN PLANTABLE PAPER” shown on the side of your favorite bars of soap. Hopefully, you saved the wrappers so you might plant them and get a second round of sensory enjoyment! The labels […]

Hidden Puzzle?

If you’ve recently purchased a bar of my soap, you might be wondering what that red code is on the bottom right of the front panel on the label. Previously, it included only the style number which I figured might be useful one day. I opted not to include the date stamp on previous batches, […]