Might be more than a shack in the woods. Photo and words by Eryn Hughes (c)2019

This isn’t a sale pitch. It’s more like a public record of why I do what I do. This may change over time and most certainly will be perceived differently by others, but I have always felt the need to anchor my personal values somehow in my work to create meaningfulness.

Rules and boundaries have always begged me to challenge them. Broad applications of a system intended for everyone can not work effectively for anyone. We each have nuances, ideas and other contributions that can only be throttled by complete assimilation. Our identity is impacted by the circumstances in our environment and the Choices we make to interact with it.

These things affect my personal space on a daily basis and I find myself constantly adapting with the ebb and flow of the business needs. Even though I’ve finally moved my business out of my home into a professional production studio and sometime have staff assistance, it’s a legitimately chaotic ecosystem at times, and I don’t know how someone could prepare for this. It seems simple to the undiscerning eye, including my own.

How I serve the public is by offering soap and skincare products formulated for people who spend a lot of time outside. These products seek to spark a conversation about the environment and bridge a gap in consumer goods. I am inspired by anecdotes from my professional training in the outdoor industry, coaching, sports nutrition, transparent marketing and outdoor advocacy – places where I’d been in the comfort of collecting a modest paycheck, having benefits and the burden of decisions upon someone else. I don’t make any promises to fix the world, but I do want to engage the senses so that users can go through daily steps of problem-identification and solving on their own terms. Being creative with inflexible circumstances is fertile ground for rewarding innovation, although technically it is also a risky financial investment. It’s impractical to achieve alone, but worthwhile to pursue and develop allies along the trail.

Researching claims, making independent decisions and choosing which rules to challenge, gives me hope to maintain a living wage, save for retirement and lift someone else along the way. I welcome alternative opinions and feelings, but make no offers of free labor or goods with my transparency piece.

“We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars.” ~ Oscar Wilde