Merchandising Packaging Specialist

We’re recruiting assistance for packaging our product! It’s not a lot of hours, but it IS paid and a very rewarding work environment for someone looking to branch out with their existing work.

About the workplace: Well-ventilated, open-floor plan studio with Good Manufacturing Practices and environmentally friendly. Tools, sanitary and safety equipment are provided on site, PPE is expected to be worn according to recommendations from the CDC. Our facility intrinsically exposes all guests to plant-based aromatics, although no synthetic fragrances or animal products are permitted on-site due to sensitivities and transfer contamination risk. This is a non-employee contract working in proximity to caustic chemicals, although only the owner will be manufacturing product contents. Distributors, formulations and procedures are considered confidential and can not be disclosed outside of the premises. We continuously strive to create an equitable, safer space where we want to spend time. There is usually music playing during all operating hours and dancing is encouraged.

Requirements:  Professional experience labeling, wrapping or otherwise finishing merchandise for retail in a food or outdoor industry setting is preferred. Qualified candidate will operate as an independent contractor, providing fee and fee schedule, recurring availability for 2-4 hours weekly during operating hours M-F 10-6pm. Independent contractor will provide their own reliable transportation to our East Liberty location.  Contractor will be supplementing ongoing packaging tasks towards completion, including trimming soap, labeling soap and other products manufactured by Trail Botanica, occasional lifting up to 50 pounds, sitting or standing for up to 4 hours at a time.  Repetitive tasks also require initiative to identify quality control issues and problem solve quickly, remain open to feedback, alert Trail Botanica when concerns remain.  Must be able to read, apply and retain information in Standard Operations, Material Safety Data Sheets, and/or CDC safety recommendations regarding community health – asking questions whenever something is unclear. 

About the timeline: This is a temporary, short-term, independent contract and we will provide a 1099 at the end of the year, as required. Because the demands of production are tied to the demands of the economy; production needs are typically built in timeblocks well in advance, it is preferred that the contractor provide a recurring weekly availability. Trail Botanica will notify contractor when the contract needs are slowing, at least 2 weeks ahead of cancellation. Adjustments: 24 hours is minimum notice for contractor cancellation for scheduled work. Late calls should be made by phone call, not text or message. More than 15 minutes late without a call will be considered a no-show. No-shows or no-calls without notice will be terms for ending the contract and all work hours performed will be paid out according to the existing fee schedule.

Typical daily tasks may include, but are not limited to:

·         Cutting and trimming soap edges.  Cutting labels. Aligning and affixing soap labels.

·         Performing inventory. Rotating stock (first in, first out).  Reporting shortages.

·         Cleaning curing shelves and trays. Sweeping studio, taking out trash.

·         Support at local events, upon confirmed proficiency with software and schedule confirmation.

Compensation Contractor will provide preferred fee, payment method and fee schedule, to be paid regularly by Trail Botanica (example: retainer fee for a month of weekly shifts).  We will also prepare a 1099 at the beginning of the subsequent year, as required.  This job is contractual and there is no guarantee of permanent, regular work nor additional employment benefits.  As such, it is expected that the independent contractor consider themselves self-employed as a service provider to Trail Botanica LLC.

We are committed to fair trade, sustainable practices and providing equal opportunities in the community as part of our triple bottom line.  It is intended to be a supplemental gig in a growing business, and the perfect candidate will have an interest in learning how to run a small business. All genders and minorities are encouraged to apply. Read a review from one of our former employees!

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