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Price Increases 2021

With the recent changes in supply and demand, shipping costs and our unexpected relocation; we are making some modest price increases (average: 12%) in order to stay in business.  Full disclaimer: we had calculated and announced price increases just before the pandemic, but decided to hold off until the raw material costs came back down.  It doesn’t look like that is happening, ever. In order to continue providing the same quality and size of soap (we polled our Instagram audience), we needed to recalculate the costs and the new prices are live on all channels.  We hope you understand, think the quality of our products are still worth your support, and will continue to shop with us and the retailers who stock our products. 

The price changes are as follows (former price noted): 


Super Simple Soap $7 (7, no change)

Fountain of Youth $10 (8)

Blissed Out $10 (8)

Meditation Mixer $9 (8)

Luna Love $10 (8)

Morning Monster $9 (8)

Into The Woods $10 (8)

Bike Face $10 (8)

Full Moon Ride $10 (8)

Purifying Spa $10 (8)

Woodsy Warrior $9 (8)

Chocolate Thief $9 (8)


-all $10 still $10 (increased batch size reduced labor cost)

LIP (Note: new formula without Coconut to launch 2022)

Skinny Dipper $8 (7)

Winter Warrior $8 (7)

Epic Trail $8 (7)

We still have a handful of specialty items made in small batches to recalculate or discontinue, but we expect all product categories will have prices finalized before the new year.  


Eryn Hughes, Owner and soapmaker