Bath Salt + Herbs = Bath Tea for Fatigued Muscles – 2 oz

Hydrate your muscles to restore flexibility. Balance the minerals in muscle tissue can help oxygen absorption, and recovery of the muscles, and increased resilience.

Recharging herbs and mineral-rich salt combined in the form factor of a large tea bag for convenience, portability while traveling, and easy cleanup.  Generous portion of herbs and up to 0.5″ chunks of salt mean this can be (dried and) reused up to 6 times!


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Herbs are packed into this natural filter paper bag, measuring approximately 4.75″ x 3.75.

Recommended use: Shower/clean separately, in advance of soak. Then, place in basin filled with 100°F bath salt.  Immerse and soak oneself for a minimum of 20 minutes. As with the herbs, so with oneself: remove and allow to dry, without rinsing.

Ingredients are 100% food-grade and organic, but not intended to be used internally, as prepared.

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Pink Himalayan salt chunks, Arnica montana, Comfrey, Peppermint, Lavender, Witch hazel, Rose petals.


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