Set – Soap+Deo – Pick Your Level of Care

In an effort to bring a more sensory experience to you, I have paired the popular deodorant levels of care with complementing soap styles and carefully assigned a song to them to also help promote independent musicians and dancers. You can select the level of care you want in the drop down menu to see what styles come with that package.

Gentle sounds: Breakage “Losing Track”

Everyday 1 sounds: Kolinga “Nguya Na Ngai”

Everyday 2 sounds: Senbeï “The Life of Puyi”

Advanced sounds: Sir Spyro “Topper Top”

Please take a moment to support these artists by listening and following them – here’s the whole playlist.

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Each set includes 2 (two) full sized bars of soap and (1) full sized deodorant tube. No substitutions.


Gentle (Unscented or minimally* scented): Super Simple Soap, Fountain of Youth Soap* and Nude Hippie Deodorant

Everyday I (Lavender): Blissed Out Soap, Meditation Mixer Soap and Trail Blazer Deodorant

Everyday II (Minty): Purifying Spa Soap, Morning Monster Soap and Awaken Adventure Deodorant

Advanced (Geranium): Into the Woods Soap, Luna Love Soap and Righteous Rebel Deodorant

Additional information

Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in
Level of Care

Gentle, Everyday I, Everyday II, Advanced


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