Woodsy Warrior Bundle - Soap, Sunstick and Salve - Poison Ivy & Oak, Insect Repellent- ADVANCED

Do you work or play outdoors? Sun, Bugs and Painful Plants can be a nuisance to an otherwise inspiring day outdoors. With repeat exposure, skin becomes more sensitive and can lead to more severe immune response, so I started researching natural ways I could prevent and soothe irritations from exposure. Using herbal infusions and hard-to-find essential oils, I’ve combined a package that can cover all the bases when you’re out in the woods to let you play (or work) longer. No fragrance oils or dangerous chemicals are used. I also practice sensitive harvesting and packaging for sustainable use in the environment. This is a lightweight option for thru-hikers and bike-packers alike.


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Included in this package (please see individual listings for full ingredient listing, under Additional Information):

BEFORE: 5 oz bar of Woodsy Warrior Soap: This bar is fine-tuned to serve those who indulge in lots of outdoor activities. Based on the popularity of the Mountain Biker Soap – I’ve combined qualities into one multi-purpose bar that you can use before, during and after play outside! Using essential oils the soap helps to repel bugs without DEET, remove poison ivy oils (and bike grease), protect and soothe sensitive skin. A bit of ground walnut shells help exfoliate the skin while oats help balance moisture and improve skin elasticity. Lathery and scrubby! This bar of soap wants to be stored dry to prolong its life. Pro-tip: If you know you’ve been recently exposed, you can also lather this on the affect area for 1-2 minutes to help remove stubborn urushiol oils.

DURING: 1 oz push-up paperboard tube of Forest Creature (formerly known as Woodsy Warrior) Sunstick with Insect Repellent Essential Oil Blend: This zero-DEET formula repels ticks, fleas, mosquitos and other biting insects naturally while leaving a musky-sweet, but clean aroma. It is safe for the environment, use on kids and does not harm insects. I support bee colonizaton and took extra care to ensure the ingredients used do not harm them in any way. The Zinc used is non-nanoparticle so it won’t clog your pores, while carrot and raspberry seed oils give nourishing, help prevent wind and sun exposure damage to the skin.

AFTER: 2 oz round tin of Woodsy Warrior Skin Salve: Based on the popularity of my Woodsy Warrior Soap, I’ve made a salve that just focuses on exposure to plants and insects so you can soothe your skin and reduce inflammation from irritation. Mountain bikers, mushroom foragers and backpackers will be happy to know that this salve contains the time-honored plantain infusion and clays to soothe skin inflamed by exposure to poison ivy, oak, sumac or other irritants – AND there is a skin-soothing blend of essential oils that also help to repel insects without harm.

*CAUTION: These products are neither meant to diagnose nor treat any disease. Not for use internally or on open wounds. Pregnant women and children should consult health care provider for proper usage. These products are not tested on animals, nor necessarily safe for their use.

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