Sustainability: A Triple Bottom Line

Much effort is spent sourcing the highest quality raw and packaging materials possible, to provide the most effective and sustainable product for the community, environment and economy. Here are some examples:


Zero Waste: everything that comes to you is safe for the environment. You only buy what you need and the lifecycle of the packaging is consumed or reusable.

Wood Use: Most of our soap molds and storage are made of wood sourced locally, whenever possible.

Water Use: we work with a water supplier to deliver distilled water sourced from a local spring for soap production and take back our empty containers on a regular route.

Toner: We print our product and shipping labels in-house per batch. The toner we use is safe for the environment and the cartridege that contains it gets sent back to the manufacturer for reuse.

Take Back: In addition to the containers we send back to manufacturers (olive oil, water, toner), we now offer reusable bags that are beautiful and you can take back anywhere you shop, hike, workout, or carry a change of clothes.

Reusable: although many products have minimal packaging (zero, biodegradable), other products have multi-use packaging when the product is finished. High quality candle and salve containers are a sought out to ensure they get multiple uses in your pantry or medicine cabinet.

Renewable: All ingredients are vegan (plant-based). Many of our ingredients are also grown agriculturally we look into the harvesting practices (and fair pay) when we use something new, change suppliers or just want more information. Many manufacturers are the same people who protect and cultivate native plant stands to support their local ecosystem.

Recyclable: this mostly pertains to raw materials that arrive in sealed, single-use containers. There’s not that much of it, but we take these few materials home to recycle with the local recycling program every few weeks.

Plastic-free: this is my favorite. I really don’t like the look or feel of plastic as it doesn’t honor the materials and artisanal contents. I am happy to provide paperboard tubes, stainless steel tins and glass jars in lieu of commonly used, wasteful plastic containers in all products we sell.

Biodegradable: All labels and paperboard tubes are biodegradable /compostable when empty.


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